With diverse musical backgrounds, but a common bond of the music they grew up on, Rat Soup formed with a vision to spread their love of funk and soul. Early Soup incarnations featured a powerhouse rhythm section, but it wasn’t long before the band expanded into a seven-piece machine complete with a three-piece horn section.


No stiff collars or starchy shirts here, Rat Soup exhibits a true do-it-yourself mentality and takes a communal approach to everything they do. In just over a year the band has developed a full song catalog, released a debut record and performed live throughout Southern California. Rat Soup has gained an appreciation from crowds across the region, bringing a fresh take on a soundpreviously lacking in the local music scene.


The music consists of funk rhythms, groove breakdowns, soulful vocals and catchy horn lines. With a mixture of instrumental and vocal tunes, the band’s original numbers can be reminiscent of 60/70’s era soul tunes, straight funk, and jazz funk, appealing to a large base of listeners that want to get down. This can be experienced at their live shows where a contagious party atmosphere of dancing and audience participation, from call and response shout choruses to percussion play-alongs, are often part of the show.


Milford Street Records – Rat Soup’s own record label, was formed shortly after the bands inception. Under this label, the band released their debut EP “For The Record” in the summer of 2012. The EP highlights the group’s first single “Climbing.” From the memorable horn line to one of the tastiest guitar solos recorded on a breakout EP, this song will not let you sit still. Other notable tracks include the heavy duty onslaught of funk known as “The Clap,” and an homage to The Meters with “Rat Strut.” The EP ends in glory with the upbeat track “The Promised Land.” It’s a spiritual plea to get up, put on your shoes and get on with life: “woke up this morning/ here I am/ looks like I made it/ to the promised land.” It’s as if the band is saying “don’t be afraid, don’t be shy, let the funk carry all your pain and sadness away.”  It’s the true Rat Soup spirit.


Individually they are an eclectic group of ingredients. But once mixed, simmered, and stewed together, they create the savory tasty concoction known as Rat Soup.


Shane Baird – Tenor & Alto Saxophone

J.B. Vasquez  – Trombone, Baritone & Tenor Saxophone

Tim Wickham – Trumpet and Vocals

Jamie Flores – Bass Guitar

Aaron Gitnick – Guitar

Jesse – Keyboards

Damion Meadows – Drums and Vocals






Rat Soup Bio

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